• Historical and heritage Recovery

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    Steel tubular metal scaffolding, estabilización de fachadas, tunnels step, etc..

  • Restoration of facades

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    Comprehensive rehabilitation of facades and roofs, repair of balconies and brackets, coatings, stucco, paintworks...

  • Waterproofing and insulation

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    Asphalt waterproofing monolayer, bilayer, geotextils, Expansion joints, rubber sheets EPDM y PVC...

  • Construction and renovation

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    Apartment Buildings, pools, roofs, public infrastructures.

  • Structural reinforcements, Mecanoviga

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    Injection mortars and micropiles, active reinforcement of forged, carbon fiber mecanoviga systems


Building rehabilitation process


The Owners decided to perform a certain work:

  • We propose hiring our services.
  • Exhibition of needs by the Property.
  • Rehabilitation Project.


The design process consists of a series of works based on the complexity of the work:

  • Data collection and analysis of existing legislation.
  • Preliminary study of the current state of the building.
  • Solution to run.


The form of participation may vary, The work to be done at this stage, can be:

  • Request quotes from builders.
  • Provide information about the contents of the Project.
  • Contract preparation.

The work

The work to be performed by the Architect during the course of the work, are basically:

  • Technical supervision of works.
  • Economic control. Performing partial certifications.
  • Sealing and Visa works executed.
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  • Grants Management.
  • 10 year labor warranty.
  • Annual Review free warranty.


Regulatory Compliance

  • Aenor
  • Cotegran
  • Sika
  • Parex
  • Acritón
  • Lanko
  • Texsa
  • Reveton
  • Tractel
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